BCVC and e-Learning team release paediatric clinic skills videos

The Bristol Children’s Vaccine Centre (BCVC), headed by Professor Adam Finn, has developed some paediatric clinic skills videos with support from the e-learning team and JISC Digital Media. The first video shows how blood is taken from children, and is not only used for staff training at the Children’s Hospital, but it is also provided for parents and their children who require a blood test and are not sure what to expect.

The second video demonstrates how a nasal ‘flu vaccine is given. Although the nasal ‘flu vaccine has been used for many years in the United States, BCVC is the first centre in the UK to use this vaccine. The nasal ‘flu vaccine will be offered to all children aged 2-17 years old from autumn 2014. Our video will shortly be used as a national training resource of all health professionals involved in the programme. The ‘flu vaccine video is available at www.bris.ac.uk/bcvc/flu.