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Choosing tools (and H5P example)

There can be a lot to think about when choosing tools to use for digital learning. This video examines some of the choices and options.

Evaluating TEL

There are a number of resources and toolkits that can help you evaluate TEL interventions. A few of these are linked below. Imperial College Centre for Higher Education Research and Scholarship – Education Evaluation toolkit. The pages cover tools and resources that you can use for evaluating education in general, but that can be applied …

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Where is your pain? Can TEL help?

An approach the FHS TEL team take is asking “where is your pain?” In other words, what are the: challenges in your teaching challenges for your students’ learning …that TEL might address? Some digital education projects don’t give enough to what they are trying to achieve. More successful initiatives consider the aims from the start. …

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12 tips for engaging learners in online discussions

The 12 tips in the article available below aim to provide medical educators with guidelines for creating engaging online discussions that both support and challenge learners’ understanding. The advice draws on a recent study examining the experiences and activities of 24 educators in MOOC discussion areas, and how their learners engaged with them. It provides …

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Belonging ideas and activities

Writing for belonging helping students use writing to develop a sense of belonging The Staying Inn Based on virtual “pub nights” c Led by hosts or ‘landladies’ but involving other participants Escape Rooms Escape rooms are increasingly used in an education context, and can either be targeted towards learning or more generally as a way …

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Building online communities and engagement – links and quick reads

Five Ways to Build Community in Online Classrooms, 2018. Faculty Focus | Higher Ed Teaching & Learning. How to Forge a Strong Community in an Online Classroom n.d. Edutopia. Papadopoulou, A., 2020. How to Build an Online Learning Community (In 2020) [WWW Document]. Learnworlds. Seth, A., erson, 2020. Building Community in Asynchronous Online Courses. Duke …

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Low bandwidth teaching

When students are at a distance, there are things we can do to help address students’ technological limitations .There can be tensions between the need for immediacy of interaction and use of high bandwidth video and the technology and the broadband available to them. By using a range of approaches, we can provide more flexibility …

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9 events of instruction (Gagné)

Robert Gagné outlines 9 events of instruction which can be used to design learning materials and activities or as a checklist. According to Gagné, when these steps are present and completed, learning is more likely to occur. Gaining Attention Informing Learners of the Objective Stimulating Recall of Prior Learning Presenting the Stimulus (Selective Perception) Providing …

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