Moving to online teaching with Sway – Joe Hartland

Joe Hartland used Sway as part of the move to online teaching during COVID, to create documents that act as interactive workbooks, designed as both pre-reading and documents students can visit after a session has run to cement concepts.

Tools used: Sway, Forms, YouTube, SharePoint

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Joe’s plan for his teaching within 3D and TLHP was to strip back the content so that important concepts are covered using Sway to create small bite-size pieces of learning. Students can complete one “chapter” of the Sway document and link this to videos/documentaries/activities or a 10 minutes narrated presentation, by embedding a link within Sway directly to the PowerPoint via SharePoint. Students can then pause the Sway and return to the next chapter when they are ready (bearing in mind distance learning is often more effective when “chunked” into manageable sections). Within Sway you can easily embed YouTube videos, images and Microsoft Forms (which can function as quizzes).

The following are “visual links” to the student facing part of the Sway documents which can be embedded in emails.

Go to this Sway
Go to this Sway
Go to this Sway


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