Top Tips

Find quick tips on using TEL tools.

Evaluating TEL

There are a number of resources and toolkits that can help you evaluate TEL interventions. A few of these are linked below. Imperial College Centre for Higher Education Research and Scholarship – Education Evaluation toolkit. The pages cover tools and resources that you can use for evaluating education in general,…

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Ideas for interactive learning in synchronous teaching

Some possible recipes for dialogue and feedback as part of an online webinar These ideas use simple tools like the built-in voting, breakout groups and discussion boards. You can do much more with additional tools like Mentimeter and Padlet (see the separate materials on tools and designing learning sequences). These…

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Where is your pain? Can TEL help?

An approach the FHS TEL team take is asking “where is your pain?” In other words, what are the: challenges in your teaching challenges for your students’ learning …that TEL might address? Some digital education projects don’t give enough to what they are trying to achieve. More successful initiatives consider…

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Belonging ideas and activities

Writing for belonging helping students use writing to develop a sense of belongingThe Staying Inn Based on virtual “pub nights” c Led by hosts or ‘landladies’ but involving other participantsEscape Rooms Escape rooms are increasingly used in an education context, and can either be targeted towards learning or more generally…

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Building online communities and engagement – links and quick reads

Five Ways to Build Community in Online Classrooms, 2018. Faculty Focus | Higher Ed Teaching & Learning. How to Forge a Strong Community in an Online Classroom n.d. Edutopia. Papadopoulou, A., 2020. How to Build an Online Learning Community (In 2020) [WWW Document]. Learnworlds. Seth, A., erson, 2020. Building Community…

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