HoloLens hybrid lab teaching in the Veterinary School

Julie Dickson (Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Integrated Structure) faced the challenge of teaching laboratory sessions to students unable to attend in person, alongside those present in the lab. A colleague gave Julie a Microsoft HoloLens (mixed reality) headset. At the start of the timetabled lab session, Julie used the HoloLens and Microsoft Teams to work through the experiment with students at home. Isolating students could see Julie undertake a dissection from her first person perspective through the HoloLens and ask questions in real time through Teams. The approach also worked for students distancing in the lab. This simple use of the HoloLens is just the start – Julie hopes to do more with mixed reality in future teaching.

Tools used: Microsoft Teams, Interactive whiteboards, Microsoft HoloLens

Full story

We interviewed Julie (using Microsoft Teams) to find out how she used the HoloLens.