Live webinars tips

Live webinars provide teacher presence and an opportunity for you to interact with learners. You can run webinars using Blackboard Collaborate or Microsoft Teams or Zoom

  1. Webinars can combine input, activity and feedback.
  2. Collaborate has a whiteboard and discussion space.
  3. This is harder for large groups for activity and feedback and more useful for small group teaching/case-based learning. 
  4. Use tools like Mentimeter and Padlet to add interactivity, dialogue and sharing.
  5. Don’t be afraid of silence, give students thinking time.
  6. Use features like thumbs up and chat to check students are understanding or engaging.
  7. Breakout groups can be really useful for peer learning and discussion, for example through jigsaw learning or Teams Based Learning (TBL)
  8. Avoid ‘breakout group whiplash’. moving in and out of breakout groups can be jarring for students. Make it clear how long students have for a breakout task. Give a warning if you can.
  9. Read the best-practice guidance from the DEO