Microsoft Surface Hub

Surface Hubs at Bristol Medical School

The Microsoft Surface Hub is a fully touch sensitive computer screen used by the University of Bristol’s medical school for collaboration, teaching and learning. Surface Hubs are equipped with a standard suite of software including Microsoft Office365 applications (Word, PowerPoint etc) and Microsoft Teams, which is used for video conferencing calls to other Hubs and remote colleagues or guest presenters. The Microsoft Edge browser can be used to access web-based tools and resources on the web (for example Blackboard Collaborate).

Surface Hub Guides

Get to grips with all the features of the Surface Hub and Microsoft’s Whiteboard app

Teaching Resources

Explore how to run a teaching session using a Surface Hub

Case Studies

Review some case studies showing how the Surface Hubs can be used in teaching

Surface Hub Names for Teams

The Surface Hubs are located at all the Clinical Academies and at various locations in University buildings:

Last updated: Feb 2024