Microsoft Surface Hub

The Microsoft Surface Hub is a fully touch sensitive computer screen used by the University of Bristol’s medical school for collaboration, teaching and learning. They are all equipped with a standard suite of software including Microsoft Office365 applications (Word, PowerPoint etc) and Skype for Business, which is used for video conferencing calls to other Hubs and remote colleagues or guest presenters.

This page will continue to be developed by the Faculty of Health Sciences to provide useful resources for the Microsoft Surface Hub with FAQs, Hub teaching case studies and downloadable user and teaching guides.

Surface Hub Guides

Microsoft Video Guides

Microsoft Hub Quick Reference Guide

Getting Started with Skype Guide

Getting Started with Skype Booklet (print double sided along the short edge)

Booking a Hub (in Outlook) for a Skype Video Conference

Whiteboard Guides

Microsoft Whiteboard Guide

Getting started with Whiteboard Guide

Getting Started with Whiteboard Booklet (print double sided along the short edge)

Teaching Resources

Managing a Teaching Session with Remote Students (video)

Guidelines for Tutors using the Surface Hub

Case Studies

Academy Linking to Physiology Subject Specialist

Anatomy Subject Specialist

Remote Teaching Session to Yeovil Academy

Surface Hub Skype Names

The Surface Hubs are located at all the Clinical Academies and at various locations in University buildings. See the list below for details…

Hub location Skype for Business address
Bath Academy
Gloucester Academy
North Bristol Academy
North Somerset Academy
South Bristol Academy
Swindon Academy
Taunton Academy
Yeovil Academy
UoB Physiology
UoB Centre for Applied Anatomy
5 Whiteladies Rd, Room LG0.5
5TA – 1.10 – booked as part of the large meeting room at 5 Tyndall Avenue
Hub in room 1.16 at 5 Tyndall Avenue
Hub in room 1.15 at 5 Tyndall Avenue

Last updated: September 2019