Tips for simple asynchronous activities

Online activities need not involve cutting edge technology. Most online and distance courses include activities in which students read through materials or consider key resources. You can give some information about what you want students to do with the reading and/or follow up with discussion of an associated activity. Adding low bandwidth activities as part of the mix helps students who don’t have the best broadband.

  1. Provide links to resources and online learning materials. These need not be ones you have created yourself
  2. If the materials don’t include interactivity include a task for them to do. This could be to ‘note down 3 key things on xxx’ or ask them to consider a particular aspect/argument or critique the resource
  3. Add links to the relevant Blackboard course either yourself if you have permission or through the relevant programme/year/unit administrators
  4. You could also set an individual or group task to follow up, or talk about the task at the next face to face or synchronous online session.