Where is your pain? Can TEL help?

An approach the FHS TEL team take is asking “where is your pain?” In other words, what are the:

  • challenges in your teaching
  • challenges for your students’ learning

…that TEL might address?

Some digital education projects don’t give enough to what they are trying to achieve. More successful initiatives consider the aims from the start.

For example:

  • Are there certain learning outcomes students are not attaining? Why?
  • Is there a particular key concept that your students just don’t get? For example, is there an important concept (possibly a threshold concept)?
  • Are the challenges geographic? Are your students and teachers distributed?
  • Are students coming to the course with diverse levels of prior knowledge about the subject?

Many of the stories in these pages address a particular challenge.

Define your challenge to be addressed

  • What specifically is the challenge you want to address? Write it in a few words.
  • Is the outcome measurable? Can you create a set of learning outcomes or SMART objectives in relation to your challenge?

Addressing the challenge

  • Consider theories, frameworks and approaches that might help address these challenges, for example, some of those in our design guides pages.

You can use the H5P form below to work through the process. The result can be copied or exported.